Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday madness

Well suffice it to say that my weekend was jan packed full of river goodness and country music. I snuck out of work early (ok ok I didn't really sneak out, I was more or less kicked out by my fabulous boss) and hit the road with my sis, her hubby, a well stocked ice chest, an over packed roller suitcase and two rockstar fruit punches (hello red dye #40!!!!). The drive wasn't too long and the weather was nice. Once checked in we headed over to drink some green beer and listen to an awful country cover band. Nothing says St Patricks Day like green beer .

Friday turned out to be a great night. Saturday morning was lazy and I didn't leave my room until noon!!! Headed to the not so cheap discount mall... Bought ABSOLUTELY nothing. Man it was warm out there. I wasn't too sure how I felt about 95 degrees in March.

Saturday afternoon I had a nice late lunch (or as my bearded friend calls it "supper") with my sis, her hubby, MIL and my parents then we all got ready and headed over to Reba at the River. Yes folks, she plays in Laughlin. I find it charming! I got dolled up in a amazing navy lace dress from (love love love them) and my Dan Post boots.

With my pearls of course...

Photobomb courtesy of the best BIL! All in all it was a great family weekend. Missed my lil sis but I think she enjoyed her time away from these three crazies!

Hope y'all had a great weekend! Can't wait for the next one.