Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Krista's Keto Chronicles- Restaurant Cheats

One of the hardest things about the Keto way of life is getting familiar with things you can and cannot eat.  I cannot tell you how many posts I see daily about going out to eat and what to order.  Clearly you want to go with a salad, but honestly sometimes another salad is one too many.

Obvious choices are burgers without buns, no ketchup, no noodles, nothing deep fried with breading, no tortillas, but lets dive deeper-  *Side note, this is mostly for dirty/ lazy keto.*

Subway- here all you can pretty much do is another salad.  Turn any of your favorite subs into a salad.  Watch the tuna salad, tomatoes, onions and some the dressings.

McDonald's- Yes I know McDonald's is the least healthy thing, but truthfully, when you are in a bind you have to do what you have to do  They have salads which is great- be sure to go with grilled chicken.  You can do a grilled chicken sandwich with no bun or any burger with no bun. 

In 'N Out- Protein style- enough said.  Also stay away from the sauce and ketchup, opting for mustard.

Mexican Restaurants- Fajitas with extra guac please, hold the beans, rice and tortillas!

Italian- I avoid Italian due to the mass amounts of pasta and how much I love it.  One good thing is the antipasto salad and truthfully I make that at home quite often.  Also, crustless pizza is a life saver.

Japanese- I also avoid sushi restaurants, but Benihana teppanyaki grill is a great choice, just avoid the rice!

Chinese- A lot of Chinese ( and Asian) restaurants rely on cornstarch, but if you can get a side of veggies and a sauce-less protein you will be golden.

The key about eating out and being Keto is to use your brain and not fall for excuses.  I am guilty of thinking, "well it is only one taco" or "I can restart tomorrw when I am not cheating", but those are lazy excuses.  Keto is a lifestyle change, not a diet and the sooner you treat it as such, the sooner you will see your results.

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