Thursday, July 12, 2018

Day Dreams Inspired by Jenna Kutcher

In this life it seems there are the dreamers who do and the dreamers who just sit back and one day wake up and think, “man, I should have chased down that dream...”. Some are college graduates, some are trade school workers, some still work in a job you could never imagine having, yet we all have that thing called a dream in common.

My dream is ever evolving and changing. What I wanted this time last year changed from I what I wanted this time two years ago and so on.  Some days I dream of never returning to my office job again and basking in the sunlight, other days my dream is to still be in my office just part time... Then of course there’s winning the lottery, marrying Chris Young, picking it all up and heading out of California... I could go on and on and on about the fantasies of my imagination, but none of those are truly my dreams. 

Over the past few months I have really started to think about my “why”. What drives me? What makes my heart leap with anticipation and butterflies? What would set my soul on fire?  Each time I come up empty handed. While it may be easy for so many people to find their own “why”, I am stagnant in even thinking of one. 

Jenna Kutcher has been an incredible voice of inspiration, reason, and most of all passion.  She was just a dreamer who ended up running those dreams down and turning her life into the exact thing she wanted.  Not only that, she has become a go to voice for boss babes everywhere with her podcast "Goal Digger".  If you haven't listened, you HAVE to, as soon as you are done reading this post of course.  Not only does Jenna inspire, she also is no BS and expects you to find your "secret sauce". 

With Jenna's inspiration I find myself now writing lists of goals, because those who write down goals are more apt to succeed.  I want to be a voice inspiration, but the "how" is what I am still struggling with.  Which is where y'all come in... 

What is your passion?
What drives you to be your best self?
How do you keep going?

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