Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Good Reads- 52 Book Challenge

I love reading, which shouldn't be surprising as I love writing.  For me, the two go together like peas and carrots... I also love Forest Gump, but that is another blog for another day.  Anyways back to this post, because I love reading, but haven't really done a whole lot of it lately I decided to sign up for Good Reads's book challenge of 52 books by January 1st, 2019.

This may not seem like a lot, but I signed up in March, which means I lost a few weeks. So far I have 11 books done and I am sure 3 of them were counted twice, but I am taking it... For now.  I could legitimately catch up... fingers crossed!

So far I have read mostly smutty romance novels which is completely okay with me as they are a quick read and typically easy to set down and come back to when time allows.  I have also signed up for Amazon's Kindle Unlimited.  That was hands down the best decision I could have made, because I can "rent" books and return them which means I don't have 500 million books on the cloud.

Basically, I’m begging y’all for good book recs!

This reading challenge has also made me realize how much I would love to be a part of a book club again. However, I have NO intentions of taking that bull by the horns, so if anyone has an idea of an online one, please let me know. 

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