Monday, April 30, 2018

April Recap

April has flown by, mostly because it was such a busy month for me.  Here is what I was up to:

Therapy-I finished up with my PTSD therapy sessions from Route 91.  I am not "cured", but I am more aware of healthy ways of coping and getting through traumas.  I cannot say enough good things about the therapist I found and I am so grateful for the tools, tips and tricks she gave me.

Concerts- I attended 5 concerts in April.  There was Michael Ray, front row Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean's record release party, Morgan Wallen and Hal Ketchum.  I had attended a few concerts in February, but was still skittish so I decided it was time to take them by storm.  The Michael Ray and Morgan Wallen shows were full of other Route 91-ers which made it easier and it is truly amazing how a group of people have come together to support one another and just hug it out when anxiety and fears are running high.  I took back my concert loving life and I am really proud of myself for that.

Dating-I said "bye bye" to Bumble because it just isn't the way I want to meet someone.  Yes I met some cool dudes, but I hate the feeling of being an "option".  While my friends and I had fun on it, we all agreed it is practically summer so it's lame to keep it around.  Plus it seems that guys are really only interested in one date and then disappearing completely.

Keto- I was so down for Keto and I will say that I had amazing results when I went full, hardcore, peeing on a strip Keto, but life happened and I wasn't prepared the way I should have been.  Since then I have been doing low-carb or what some consider "dirty"/ "lazy" Keto and I am still having good results, just not as fast.  Basically I am all about low carb 92% of the time.  Also I watched "The Magic Pill" on Netflix and I will tell you this, it has totally changed the way I view food, what we are suggested to eat and how to change it.  

Adulting- I went out and bought myself a new kitchen table and couch.  They get delivered next week and I have to say I am VERY excited about this stage of adulting.  While I spent more than what I had wanted to spend, I got items that I fell in love with and luckily for me, the couch was a clearance item so I saved some dough there.  

I hope April ends on a happy note for y'all and cheers to May.

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