Thursday, March 1, 2018

South Dakota Chronicles: Day 3 and 4

Saturday was our third day in South Dakota.  We woke up with slight hangovers and to snow serenely falling from the sky.  As with any trip, late nights call for late to mid afternoon mornings, which meant we didn't even leave our hotel room until close to 11 a.m..  We moseyed down Main Street looking for a place for brunch.  The best thing about this town is that you do not need a car to get anywhere, everything is in walking distance.

We weren't sure what we would find, but down at the end of Main Street lies The Nugget Saloon with a sign that read, ""best Bloody Marys in town" so naturally we had to go in.  The Nugget Saloon is a quaint bar with s tore and a dinner attached through side walls.  We grabbed a table and Liam served us the BEST Bloody Marys along with a pizza, a few appetizers and a few too many beers.  Our entertainment came in the form of the digital juke box and the bachelorette party that was wasted by 2:00 p.m..  Sitting in the bar, watching the snow fall outside was the perfect way to spend the day.

After losing all day to The Nugget, we headed back to the Deadwood Distillery where we picked up our moonshine and souvenirs and listened to a few more of Paul's stories.  That man in and of himself is reason enough to go to Deadwood.  You will not hear more colorful and intriguing stories than those of Paul's life.  I told him he needs a blog or better yet, a book!

We dropped our loot at the hotel and headed down to the winery/brewery in the middle of town.  We tried a local selection of brews and were fascinated to hear how beer and wine are sold in South Dakota.  It is an interesting process and a bit pricey for the small guys to compete with the big guys.

Next we found ourselves at the Deadwood Social Club for dinner.  It was AMAZING!  We ordered the bruschetta and scallop appetizers, ribeye special and the seafood pasta.  Everything was delicious and the pasta was an absolute work of art.

 After dinner we found ourselves back at The Bloody Nose Saloon since it was our favorite.  The bachelor party from the night before and the tree of us were the only patrons and it turned into quite the hilarious evening.  Somehow the three of us decided a 4-legged race was in order.  I can tell you, all those boys from the bachelor party got pretty excited when we pulled out the tape... Pervs.  From the pictures it looks like I could barely walk, haha.

We headed back to our room as the bars were closing, made snow angles in the streets and were surprised by how much pizza Deadwood sells as soon as the bars close.  I am not even kidding, every singel place sells pizzas by the slice or whole.  For me, I was a bit behooved as I personally would take some 7-11 nachos at 3 a.m. after drinking all day long.  Thank goodness for our Walmart outing where we supplied ourselves with plenty of snacks.

Sunday morning we hit the road and ended up at Mount Rushmore.  It is still as breathtaking as it was the first time I saw it.  A person can't help but stand in wonder at how one man with a vision created one of our nation's greatest masterpieces.  I truly prefer ending my trips to South Dakota with a visit to Rushmore, because it feels like a great place to give thanks to America.

Not long after we were on a plane bound for home. 

South Dakota feels like home and I miss it immensely and I truly cannot wait to get back to that gem of a mountain town tucked away int he Black Hills.

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