Friday, February 2, 2018

February- Goal Catch Up and Review

As you all know I REALLY failed in January at the recipe part of my New Year's goals (you can read that post here for a quick refresher).

Getting back to basics- I did go on vacation last month, but I did REALLY good.  I didn't buy an entirely new wardrobe, nor did I come home with a bag full of souvenirs.  Moonshine and a shot glass did make their way into my luggage, but I was okay with that.  I have also budgeted and for all things in February helping me out with a no spend February.

Recipe- Yeah, I only made one new thing... It was that wonderfully delicious pork tenderloin that I will make again, because holy oh my goodness was it good.  Perhaps I should knock my goal from one new recipe a week to one in a month?  That is hardly a challenge though....

Healthy Wage-... Yeah I still haven't signed up.  I am thinking tax return time and I will, seeing as I am on a spending freeze and all.

Cleaner eating- Y'all I have been so good at this and I can teel it has been good for me.  Obviously vacation Kristie wasn't so good, but c'est la vie.

Blogging- I have been getting better and better.  Plus I still have a few posts regarding my amazing time in South Dakota.

I am really looking forward to February.  It is a new month which is a new beginning.

How do you plan to use this month?

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