Thursday, January 4, 2018

Southern California's Endless Summer

Here we are, January 4, 2018, and the temperature outside is 58 degrees... Yes 58 degrees with the sun shining.  It may seem cold to some, but with Florida and South Carolina getting snow, it has me saying, "Go home winter weather, you are drunk."

Last weekend I spent some time out in Laughlin/ Bullhead City area (that is the Mohave desert for those who are geographically challenged, like myself) where the day time temperature was 87 degrees, which meant pool time (it was heated of course).

While I love any chance to work on my tan ( I know it is bad), I also love having a real fucking winter.  You know where there is snow, ice, and temps in the teens.  Where I have to wear Sorels, scarves, and it is the kind of winter that makes dip-shit people move back to the city because they literally can't even "deal" with winter.

Save Our Water posted a photo of last year's snow pack compared to this years and it makes the outlook on 2018 and water dismal.  It's not just about me over here, it is about our water too.  Whatever weird global warming shit we have going on we need to fix it, because Florida is getting snow and California (yet again) is projected to run dry. 

That's my bitch post for the week.  Hope you enjoyed it.


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