Monday, November 27, 2017

New Direction

Kristie's Blue Jeans has, for the most part, been an upbeat blog with a bit of real life sadness and problems thrown in.  After Route 91, I have struggled to get back here and be as upbeat as I had been  in the past and with that I have decided, on a suggestion from a friend, to start posting in a different direction.  While there will still be days of frivolous posts, there will be REAL life thrown into the mix.

My life is messy, at time chaotic and full of things that displease me and I intend on sharing it here.

 I am sure some may see cynical posts and run for the hills, but the fact of the matter is that I am not necessarily a "cynic", I am more of a realist with strong beliefs and opinions.  Many of those opinions have been shared in the past in regards to Thanksgiving (which I despise) and dating (which I loathe).

The thing is, life is ever changing and we need to be flexible enough to bend and sway with those changes so we don't snap.

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