Tuesday, September 5, 2017

September Goals

Here we are in September.  Soon the season will change and it will officially be fall with pumpkin patches to visit, sweaters to wear (except here in California, where it is still 500 million degrees outside), and Pumpkin Spice everywhere.

Before I run away with the fall colors, I wanted to share my goals for September with y'all!

Eating Better- Is it just me or does summer make it hard to eat clean and whole foods?  That shouldn't be the case, but it seems that processed crap is easier to heat up or rip open than bananas and spaghetti squash!  This month I am heading back to eating healthier, less processed shit.  I am not planning a Whole 30, but one never knows what could happen!  I also plan to stop drinking during the week so we shall see...

Exercise- A few weeks ago I got back into walking after work.  Well for September I plan to step it up.  Not just walking after work, but getting back to my Daily Burn subscription and lifting weights.

It Works-  In May I signed up to be a Distributor of It Works products.  I first fell in love with the Hair Skin Nails vitamins and my love for each product continues to grow.   In August I hit Executive with 1296 Volume points, this month my goal is to hit 1500 Volume Points and get a few DTs under me.  Seriously, today through the 10th, if you sign up to sell It Works and get 4 Loyal Customers in your first 30 days you get a $500 shopping spree, plus entries to win a bad ass Jeep Wrangler!

Sleep- I am really trying hard to create better sleep patterns which have been difficult with hot nights and no a/c.  I have set a bedtime and I won't be texting after a certain time of night, all in the sake of getting better sleep!

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