Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Fall Bucket List

With Autumn approaching, (What?!?! We only have 14 days before it here) i have started looking up excellent things to do once the season is upon us.

- Photograph tree leaves changing colors.

- Go on a brisk morning hike. (Is there such a thing as brisk in California anymore?)

- Decorate pumpkins before carving them.

- Visit a pumpkin patch. ( I buy my pumpkins at Walmart after the pumpkin patch visit... MUCH cheaper!)

- Bake some pumpkin goodies. ( Like these or this!)

- Enjoy hot cocoa or coffee on the deck wrapped up in a blanket. (Again this is only if it actually gets cold).

- Watch "Hocus Pocus" with my mom (it's her favorite!).

- Go on a not so haunted hayride.

- Oktoberfest!

- Enjoy the change of season and bask in the calm before the holidays really hit us all.

What is on your bucket list for this fall?