Monday, June 26, 2017

Dietary Preferences

Last week I went out with a few friends for dinner and to catch up.  We have always discussed different eating options.  In fact this group of us have done Whole 30 before and one of us is now a modified paleo eater.  This got us talking about people and how rude they can be when it comes to lifestyle changes and eating.

My entire theory is that if you are eating a specific way, you need to bring your own snacks and food, much like a person with allergies.  This prevents any host from feeling like they have to accommodate everything for one particular person.  While I do believe a good host will offer something special for someone with dietary restrictions, I don't believe it is necessary.

 However, eating a particular way has made regular eaters a little bit judgey of those eating differently.  For me, this first started in junior high school.  I loved pretzels with mustard and have always been a water drinker.  A girl at my lunch table looked at me and said "what are you, on a diet?  You only ever eat a pretzel and water."  I wasn't on a diet, that was my food preference at 13, but why did it matter?  It is something that has only gotten worse.

This brings me back to the conversation form last week.  One of the ladies had gone on vacation with her husband and another couple.  She packed her paleo approved items and never once expected the other couple to adhere to her lifestyle.  She said the other husband was a bit rude about her lifestyle choices, yet she opted to make a paleo dinner for everyone one night and surprise surprise, everyone loved it,

While it can be irritating to people outside of your dietary preferences, you should have to lie and say you're allergic.  Frankly, how you eat is no one else's' business.  The thing is, even if you don't agree or understand, you need to be supportive or keep your mouth shut.  It doesn't matter if someone only eats tree nuts and water, if they are taking care of themselves and not pushing their lifestyle on you, you shouldn't push your lifestyle on them.