Monday, February 27, 2017

Thick Hair Problems

I have been blessed with a thick head of hair.  Out of my sisters and I, I actually have the thinnest hair, but it's still a lot.  A year and a half ago I cut about a foot of hair off and I swear it weighed that of a small toddler.  Then I was sad and decided to grow it back out.  The longer it gets the more irritated I get with the thickness, but it means I won't be going bald anytime soon, right?

May hair may be beautiful, but it will never be "Thor" beautiful.

In addition to the mass amounts of hair I have, there are massive amounts of irritation that come with it, product use, and general loss of hair.

RIP all broken hair ties.

Finding a hairdresser that knows how to actually handle all that hair is the most glorious find of all.

Blessed are those with perfectly stretched hair ties.

Goodbye clumps of hair that fall out during the day, while brushing, and especially in the shower.  May my drain never clog as long as I clean it out.

No time for beach waves from a curling iron, there is just too much weight to not drag the style down.

Buy stock in products you love so you get some of your money back in investments.

Hello permanent neck ache from the weight that you don't think is really hurting your neck.

Any up do basically feels like death and the feeling of taking those bobby pins out after a night of your hair being up leaves you feeling like you'd be better off bald.

It takes like 20 minutes to curl your hair and you have to wait for the burning smell to know you have a 50/50 shot of the curl holding.

F it.. I will just get a wig!