Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Netflix and Kinda Chill

It is no lie that Netflix and I are besties.  Netflix gets me through my treadmill workouts and when I am bored of watching shows I switch it up to Pandora.  In addition to being my gym cardio buddy, Netflix and chill dates are kind of the shit.  I mean I don't even have to get dressed up.  Thankfully and irritably, Netflix offers a wide variety, which means most of my time is spent deciding what to watch rather than actually watching.  It's a rough cycle, one that isn't bound to be broken any time soon.  In fact, 90% of the time I revert to watching shows I have already watched.

Gossip Girl- Who doesn't want to relive the pain of social awkwardness with Queen B, Serena and and the crew?

The New Girl- This show isn't over yet, but there is something endearing about going back to the beginning and having Coach be there, disappear, reappear and leave again.

Sons of Anarchy- Who wouldn't want to relive the biker drama of  "Sons"?  I mean hello hot rebel guys with some gruesome murder scenes in there.  Honestly, this is the perfect show to Netflix and chill to.

Blue Bloods- Holy Tom Selleck and his famous 'stache.  As many of you may remember, I have a thing for a good Hollywood mustache and that may be why I started "BB" all over again.

My Boys- Have you ever been the girl out of a group of guys?  Either way you will totally identify with P.J..  I have been the girl in a guy group and let me tell you this, there are far more shenanigans occurring than the show has.

Hell On Wheels- I loved, loved, loved Hell On Wheels, except the last season.  Another great one for Netflix and chill moments... Just don't spoil the Swed's demise.

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