Sunday, November 20, 2016

What I Have Been Up To

Here is a quick recap on what I have been up to lately since I clearly haven't been around these parts as much I would like to be.

Yesterday the girls I coach in cheer took home 1st place in their division.  I didn't get a picture with them and the trophy, but let me tell you it is tall, pink and has a sharp end that may or may not cause bodily injury while posing for photos.  All joking aside, those girls worked their butts off and deserved 1st place.  I am so proud of them.

Thanksgiving plans aren't really anything we do in my house... In fact over the years, on this little blog, I have let y'all know my feelings.  I am not really a "Thanksgiving" person!  The four days off are what I am really excited about.

Christmas shopping is underway as is a great post about the amazing Christmas decor I have been purchasing.  Here is a hint- 99 Cent Stores and Target's Dollar Spot hooked it up so I have more money to spend on gifts.

Other than those things, my life will go back to semi quiet and slightly less scheduled come Monday... I am definitely going to miss cheer practice and those calories burned, but I have my treadmill so I foresee a few dates there!

Happy Sunday!

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