Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Sorry, but I have to rant.  I can't help it.  It is building up and it is also part of the reason I have neglected my little space on the internet for the last two weeks... Youth sports has taken over my life and I am starting to get pissy.

Like really pissy.

Everyone involved volunteers which is awesome.  Parents show up and seem to be involved even after working all day long.  I am not a parent.  Yes I volunteered to coach and handle fan merchandise, but I did NOT sign up to run myself ragged creating football programs without information required.

I did not sign up to have my schedule dictated to me.

I did not sign up to cover everyone's snack bar so they could enjoy their kid's games.

I did sign up to help out an organization, which turned out to be the worst idea EVER.

These people are busy, I get that.  I am busy too, but here I am busting my ass over stupid programs that have nothing to do with what I originally signed up for.

So here is my plea, if any of you know somewhere online that can create and print programs I will love you forever!  Additionally, if anyone knows a place that would donate them I will hand over the non profit tax ID for a write off.

Please send help, before I run away and hide in my closet with a case of wine.

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