Friday, July 15, 2016

Love Your Spouse

I don't know about you, my lately my FB feed is filled with this "love your spouse "photo challenge.  Yes it is great, but to be completely honest... I feel left out.  So I started thinking about all the things I would marry if I could (like the 90's "why don't you marry it then?").  

As I was going through my phone's photos I realized the only thing I really have "love" photos with is alcohol.   

WOW! that makes me sound like a total boozer.  

Anyways, here is a little jog down memory road.

Sometimes BAE just makes you smile even when you are a few shots deep..

BAE and I like to clean up and dress up for evenings in every once in awhile.

Then there was that one time BAE and I randomly ran into each other in LA.

I just had to sneak this pic of BAE right out of the ice bucket.

Eric Church concert with BAE.

Even BAE needs a night out with the friends every once in awhile.

Our countless river trips will always fill my heart with joy.

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