Tuesday, July 12, 2016

30 Things I have Learned

Next Friday is my birthday and I wanted to share 30 of the most important things I have leaned so far in my life-

1- Friends come and go, we all change.  Some for the better, some for the worse.

2- Always send a "thank you" note.  For anything, from gifts to a simple note saying thank you for being you.

3- Be kind.  Especially with the violence and senseless tragedies our country.

4- Wear the white pants.

5- Celebrate everything from the small things to the big things.

6- Print photographs.  Sure digital copies are great, but there is something having the actual print.

7- Drink that glass of wine.

8- Sometimes a night in is the best medicine.

9- Ask him out already.

10- Laugh.

11- Sporadic Sunday "fundays" are always worth it.

12- Hydrate.

13- Take the vacation.

14- Sleep in and veg out occasionally.

15- Work hard so you can play harder.

16- Learn something new.

17- You are stronger than you think.

18- There are times you will need friends, but you will always need family.

19- Death is inevitable.

20- Carry yourself with grace and dignity, it is the sexiest thing.

21- Have fun.

22- Love fiercely.

23- Educate yourself.

24- You are in charge of you, hold yourself accountable for your needs and wants.

25- You will feel better with a healthier diet and exercise, but you can still have that cupcake.

26- Spend time with the kids in your life.  Their perspective will open your eyes.

27- It's ok to be wild sometimes.

28- Be brave.

29- Flowers may die, but they bring a bit of sunshine inside.

30- Read, read, read.

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