Monday, November 16, 2015

Whole Thirty Pork Verde

Well I am back on Whole 30 and let me tell you today was rough.  I woke up with a headaches and skipped breakfast because I didn't have the time to make it this morning.  Thankfully I had packed my  lunch for today last night.  It's all about planning ahead, people.

I talked a little bit about Whole 30 a couple months ago and what I love most about it is the fact that as long as you are trying you will see and feel the results.  Yes, you are supposed to go 100% organic, grass fed with Whole 30 when you can, but sometimes that isn't in the budget or in the day to day reality.

Over the weekend I grabbed some thin cut pork chops and Verde salsa (you know, the delicious green salsa that I can pretty much eat on anything!) and made a very simple yet delicious Pork Verde.

You will need a skillet and a crockpot ( or you can simmer on your stove top whatever works for you)

Ingredients are simple:

4-6 thin cut pork chops
1 jar Verde Salsa

Warm your EVOO in a skillet over high heat.
Add cubed pork chops.

Cook until the cubes has a nice browning to either side.

Immediately place pork cubes from skillet into the crockpot and cover with one jar of Verde salsa.  Cook on low heat for about an hour and half.

After the time is up, serve in tortillas, lettuce wraps, over rice or on its own like a soup.

The crockpot really makes the flavor of the salsa soak into the pork.

My Pork Verde lunch was created with romaine lettuce, an avocado half, snap peas, grape tomatoes and baby carrots.