Monday, November 30, 2015


I have always believed in things happening for a reason.  A reason that might not show it's face immediately, but farther down the road and you look back and say, "oh that is why that happened.."  Or in my case, didn't happen.

For a semi control freak such as myself, when things don't go my way I have a hard time understanding and coping with the situation.

Recently I looked into to making some pretty HUGE changes to my life and today I received news that it is going to happen the way I had kind of sorted hoped it would.  At first I thought I would be sad or angry, but I am totally not, because I know I would have been scared shitless if I got my way.  I look at it like this, at least I tried.  There are still prospects out there and I just have to wait and see.
I just have to remember all good things happen in time and my time isn't right now, because I refuse to think I have wasted my time.

I know this was an EXTREMELY vague post and I really hate doing that to my blog lovelies, but the truth is I don't want to jeopardize the good I already have in my life.