Monday, September 21, 2015

Case of the Mondays

Wow, it's Monday again. I'm trying really hard not to be bitter about it, but it is 3:30 am and I couldn't sleep anymore.  I really wanted to, but my brain was like "surprise it's Monday and now you need to be awake!"  Thanks brain.

This Monday marks another dive in the Whole 30 which is pretty exciting because there are a few more ladies on board with me this go 'round.  The only tortuous part was realizing I had to go to the grocery store at 10 pm last night.  I am blaming Whole 30 anxiety on the 3 am wake up call.

The weather go hot here again in Southern California.  I am talking triple digits of death.  It is September and Mother Nature is planning on punishing me for wanting fall.  I also realized that between now and Christmas I have 3 free weekends.  That is it... Three of them.  That is crazy and don't let me tell you I have nothing going on, because apparently I am one busy lady.

With all of that busy-ness, I also have a few fun things planned to share with y'all so I am requesting that you keep checking back in here, ok?  K Bye!!!