Monday, August 17, 2015

Not That Awesome

Sometimes I really dread coming back to blogging after the weekend.  It isn't because I don't want to share my awesome stories with the blogging world, it more or less is because I didn't do one totally awesome thing over my weekend.

This past weekend was no different.

I binge watched Gossip Girl and Texas Rising and didn't really move from couch except to shower on both Saturday and Sunday.

Well that is a lie, because Sunday was slightly more productive.  I actually made my bed, emptied and loaded the dishwasher and dare I say, mopped my ENTIRE kitchen floor which is a HUGE area!!!!

I know sometimes it is important to just veg out, but with how much I have been going to the river (like every other weekend), the stress of work (even though I do love my job), and trying to save money, when it comes to "free" weekends you will find me with my Netflix or my Kindle with some smut novel on it.  It is totally ok with me, especially since the older I have gotten the more I have lost the FOMO disease that affects all twenty somethings at some point.

I honestly will take my bed at 10 pm on a Friday night over some crazy club.  Who needs all that ruckus they call EDM?  Not this girl.