Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fashion Rules

Rules, rules, rules... Everywhere we go, there are rules.  So why would fashion be any different?

I do not, I repeat, DO NOT consider myself a fashionista.  My style lies somewhere between preppy, mountiany, casual, and beachy (yes, I just made up my own words).  Meaning, I will wear a flannel with heels, a swimsuit cover with a flannel and you will ALWAYS find me in jeans... Unless I am at work, where jeans are frowned upon.  I don't adhere to style rules at all.

Some rules I just don't understand, but the one rule I will always adhere to is: No shorts, unless they are Bermuda length and those should be worn for sports or leisure, never out.  I hate shorts... Maybe it's because I hate chaffing?  Or the way the ride up and the wedgie picking and all of that.  They just aren't my style.  Sure, I would love to wear shorts with cowboy boots, but to me, that ain't ever gonna happen.
Here are some rules I will never understand-

Black with navy or black with brown- I am pretty damn sure black goes with EVERYTHING so I will wear it with EVERYTHING including navy blue and brown.  I have no idea why this is frowned upon.

No white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day- Again I break this rule.  I love white pants, like LOVE them.  I wore them yesterday and don't feel guilty or bad.  I will probably wear them this weekend and all those fashion people can get over it.
Dark polish for fall/winter- Nope, not for me- I will wear it ALL year long.  There is something about being tan with a deep burgundy or black on my fingers and toes that I just love.

Matching shoes and handbag- I honestly like this, but the truth... I don't have the time to constantly change out my freaking handbag to match my shoes.  Yesterday I wore navy shoes.. Today black.  There is literally NO time for this!

I will always have "black on black on black" on hand as it truly is the easiest way to look put together and polished without scouring your closet and dresser for hours. A black dress for any occasion will proudly hang in my closet as will black pumps be proudly displayed on my shoe shelf.  I mean certain things are "staples" after all.  Just go with what is comfortable yet appropriate- no nip slips and butt cleavage, and you should be just fine.