Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Favorite Things

Since Christmas is almost here and the world of Christmas music has decided that "My Favorite Things" is a Christmas song, here are a few of my favorite things at this time of year-

Worn paperback books.

The crackle and pop of a fire on a winter night.

Politically incorrect memes and gifs.

Cozy leggings.

Holiday movies on Hallmark.

Being in awe of the beauty of the great world we live in.

Feather down pillows.

Cheerful Christmas cards.

Flannel sheets.

A good red wine blend.

Clear Christmas lights.

Waking up to snow falling.

A hot cup of coffee.

Handwritten notes and letters.

Hilarious snapchats.

Quiet moments of contemplation.

Celebrating friendships.

 photo cheerio.jpg