Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hassle Free Air Travel

Over the years I have flown a lot.  Not as most as some, but still a bunch.  I was in Mexico when the ban came on liquids of more than three ounces...  Try explaining in broken Spanish that you had no idea this happened as your were laying out on beaches drinking tequila...  It was that difficult, but probably because I still had a ton of tequila in my system.

I have compiled a list with the help of my friends over at RelayRides to help my lovelies out with some travel tips to make the most of your trip and less stress for the actual travel and airport experience.  If you don't know about RelayRides- it is a company that allows you to make money by renting out your personal car for other travelers while it is parked at the airport, or even say if you live in a big city where you mostly walk and your car sits all by itself.  They have a wonderful program that insures your car for damages while being rented out.  I honestly haven't tried this out as there are only two airports (San Francisco and LAX) that are currently open for the program, but several airports across the country DO have the rental program for travelers.  In some cases it is a more affordable option per day than some other car rental companies.

Traveling can be stressful but here are a few tips for making airport travel MUCH easier:

1. When in doubt check it- I cannot tell you how many times I have witnessed people being told their carry on was just too big for a carry-on.  I believe a back pack and purse are the perfect carry-ons, but honestly I try to do one or the other.  Most of the time I place my purse in my backpack which means it will all fit under the seat in front of me, which means it is accessible the entire flight.

2. Shoes- flats, Uggs and Flip Flops are your friend!  They are easy on and easy off for walking through the security screening.  I don't always follow this rule as I sometimes wear cowboy boots.  When I wear cowboy boots, I have them off long before the conveyor belt.

3. Plastic Baggies- I love cutesy make up bags, but I have also had to toss them at the TSA counter.  I think the guy was having a bad day, but every since then ALL of my carry on cosmetics are in a ziplock baggie.  It is easy to view and ends up holding much more than my cute bags.

4. Less is more- I never wear jewelry through the screening.  This is mostly because I don't want to be the person that hold the line up having to take it all off.  Same goes with coins in the pockets.  I put my jewelry on as soon as I am through the line.

5. Be more than on time- I am a firm believer in being at the airport at least an hour and half before boarding.  This allows for all security screenings, a bathroom break and the opportunity to grab a snack and drink.  Not to mention, a bit of spreading out before being packed like a sardine in the plane.

I hope you all have enjoyed these tips and be sure to check out RelayRides to see when they will be available in an airport near you!

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