Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Blogging is a world where I get to share my opinion on my blog and I feel that I have every right to do so as do so many bloggers across the world, but here is where things get tricky- If you haven't heard about the Ray and Janay Rice elevator showdown you are most likely living under a rock.  I don't often comment or blog about situations of high profile athletes and celebrities, but this one is just sitting right with me.

There are so many different angles to this story and each one sickens me.  From the very first footage of the the February 2014 incident being brought to the public's attention where Janay was spitting and throwing punches prior to getting into the elevator with Ray to the video after the elevator ride in which her limp body was being dragged by Ray down the hallway.  Up until this week we never saw the occurrences of what went on in the elevator and we still have no idea what sparked the argument.

The elevator show down which shows Ray throwing a single punch at Janay knocking her out with her head hitting the hand railing inside is devastating to women everywhere.  So many questions were being asked and so many opinions were being thrown around and here is mine- Either way you look at it, this relationship is abusive.  She threw punches as did he, his was just more devastating.

Would we have the same opinions if she were the one to knock him unconscious?

Unfortunate circumstances occurred, but here is where I am truly sickened- how in the hell do people think any type of physical abuse is okay?  It is okay that she spit and punched first?  Absolutely not and it is NOT okay that he threw a punch her way either.

I am not, by any means defending Ray Rice, but we need to look closer at the relationship- I don't think this was a first occurrence, this is just the time he got caught.  Where did they learn that fighting with fists was okay?  How were they able to then get married?  Was it her greed?  Her being brainwashed?  We don't know.  All I know is that both parties need some type of therapy and I pray that women in abusive relationships find the strength to leave their abusers because there is so much more in this world, they are worth so much more.  Love can do weird and crazy things, but being beaten isn't being loved.

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