Friday, August 1, 2014

Confessions of a Nail Polish Addict

I have a problem.  Some may think it is serious while others may not.  Some may say it makes me high maintenance, others may think I just want to keep it clean.. That is until my nails are painted the color of grass with a massive amount of glitter coated over the top.  You see, I am addicted to nail polish.  I don't really know who to blame as it is a new thing for me.  I had forever been the french tip acrylic nail girl with the french pedicure.  Somewhere in there I did the math and figured I was spending entirely too much money going for by-monthly fills and pedicures.  That was until I met my match in the hell of  blogs, Sally Hansen, OPI, Julep and Wet 'n Wild...

I was a simple girl who would buy clear polishes to seal the chips I would get in between fills.  Occasionally I would stop by the nail aisle and pick out a bright pink color to hold onto in case something catastrophic happened and I couldn't go see my nail lady.  Never did I think I would be without my delicately strong and feminine french tips...  Then it happened one day.  I got drunk at a concert and decided to bite them off.  I was over it.  No more being a slave to the salon.  Instead of relaxing visits to the salon I find myself subscribed to nail design interest boards and instagram accounts along with monthly boxes of polish where I can always "add more for points or at a discount" and I find myself in a vicious cycle of opened polishes that have been used once and end up in the cemetery (aka the garbage).

With this addiction comes the need for perfection or rather constantly having my nails painted.  I find myself repainting and designing every other night with the thought that it is relaxing.  I am not fooling anyone - this shit isn't relaxing.  I get watery eyes and a headache from the fumes then there is the smudge factor- I can't even take a sip of beer without major damage to nails that never seem to dry.

I have tried to resolve this issue, but it ain't happening!  I found myself mindlessly adding more colors to my Julep cart after I had the strength to say "no" to my August subscription.   The struggle is really people...  I am pretty sure I have a complete collection... That is until essie releases their fall line up!

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