Thursday, July 3, 2014

Uncomfortable Antics

Today is all about getting all sorts of uncomfortable and stepping outside of comfort zones this year.  The truth is I haven't really stepped out of any comfort zones, because I am a complete creature of habit with exception to travel.

They say in order to live, you have to leave your comfort zone, but here is the thing- I like my comfort zone and there really aren't a lot of things that make me uncomfortable.

I am always the person who is thinking ahead to consequences like a possible broken bone or trip to the emergency room.  I am a natural klutz so my theory is, "If death or dismemberment may occur, please count me out."

I would say opening this blog up to the world of my actual Facebook account was a HUGE step outside of my comfort zone along with posting all about missed opportunities and fearing regret.  I tend to fear regret the most and in that, I have become more of a "yes" person when it comes to being a social butterfly and experiencing different parts of life.

I guess you could say I stepped out of my comfort zone when I flew on a Cessna from Belize City to Placencia in April.  I was pretty sure I shit myself lost my heart a few times.  I don't have an actual fear of flying- it was more of a "holy shit that plane is small and going to be packed to capacity!"

My trip to Canada and booking an ice hike will have me outside of my comfort zone too.  I will be in another country and that in itself is a wee bit frightful and the other thing is the freezing temperatures I will be experiencing.  Either way I am stoked, can't you tell?

Other, slightly minute things that make me uncomfortable-

Couples fighting.
Kids screaming.
Overly nice people.
Movie theater seats.
Going to a bar by myself.

Things I do that I am positive make people uncomfortable-

Singing in public.
Dancing public, my car, or wherever strikes my fancy.
My over opinionated need to be correct.
My sarcasm/humor.
My blunt outlook on life.


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