Monday, June 9, 2014

Thanks for the music Mr. Strait.

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Whew!  This weekend flew by and I feel like I need a weekend from my weekend.  It is nice to be busy, but geez.

Friday couldn't get over fast enough.  I am pretty sure it is this bad attitude I have been harboring for awhile now.  I love my job, but I just can't deal with the stupid people it brings me into contact with on a daily basis.  I think that is how I know it is time for an actual vacation.  One where I get beer on a beach with sunshine on my face.  I just have to wait for July to roll around.

Saturday was filled with nightmares in the form of "Dance Moms".  I have to say in all of the years I have performed and taught, nothing prepared me for the shit show of hairspray, make up and wanna be pageant children as Saturday's recital for Kay Kay Bug was.  I appreciate the women who worked their asses off to get the show done, but these parents are out of control!  I don't know how else to say it.  Your child isn't always going to be the best so please just let them enjoy themselves.  If they can't get joy from performing there will eventually be a harsh resentment.  Additionally, there was no form or organization.  Like is it really that hard to get the groups of little ones together for their numbers?  I had to remove myself from the situation and just take deep breaths, otherwise I would have gone ape shit!  We needed Abby to whip these moms into shape.

It also made me miss the hell out of performing and teaching and it made me want to go back.  I had some of the best times of my life dancing with the kids and the other adults.  There will forever be a special place in my heart for those years.  It almost had me creating another pipe dream of opening a studio and finding teachers and just going balls to the wall with tap and jazz... Nothing in the world will make a girl feel better than slipping on her dancing shoes and getting down to business again.

Saturday night also marked George Strait's final show on the Cowboy Rides Away tour.  I am slightly sad I wasn't in attendance but feel so very blessed to have attended his final show in San Antonio (his hometown) last June.  He may not move all around the stage and hold that pose on his album cover, but in my opinion he is one the greats.  As EDJ would say "There is  A George Strait song for everything life has to throw at ya" and that is the truth.  May he enjoy his retirement and hopefully decide that performing is as much a part of him as his roping days are.  Thanks for the music and the memories Mr. Strait.

Sunday brought about wedding dress shopping with one of my very best girls.  I am so happy for her and I think it is fabulous she was able to find her dress and it was such a gift to be able to witness, firsthand, the joy that came to her face when she found "the" dress!

Happy Monday y'all, enjoy it!

Dateless in Dallas

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