Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday Snow Day (but not really)

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Yay, we finally got some snow, which is really slush on the roads.  We did, however, receive freezing temperatures which made for great sleep and a little added pep in my step.  So much pep that I am pretty sure Jenn wants to kill me for chatting so much this morning.  Don't worry I will hit the 2 pm wall of exhaustion and shut up.

A few things have changed...

First off my hair (hey Kenny I know you LOVE when I talk about my hair)- yep it is blonder and more fun.  I have missed being my true blonde-y self!

I read this article on Elite Daily via Facebook and it surprised me how many traits I carry that make me an individual.  It is a pretty good list, scientifically proven?  I am not sure, but I still enjoyed it.

I have registered for one color run and currently creating a team for the Mudderella in Tememcula, Ca on October 4, 2014.  Anyone who wants to join, let me know.  We need a team of at least 5 and the more the merrier.  Best part, you can bypass any challenges you want and it is for a great cause.  You know you wanna do it!

After reading Helene's horror story (you can read about her here) I am beginning to wonder if, as bloggers, we should watermark all photos?  I am torn over this...  On one hand it prevents misuse and on the other, it can make blogger photos look ugly!

What are your thoughts on watermarking blogger photos to prevent theft?

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