Friday, April 25, 2014

Ugh... I Don't Wanna Grow Up!

Let's face it, we all get into the mundane repetition of life and one day we stop, breathe and think about what we want to do when we "grow up".  Don't lie, I can't be the only one who has these thoughts!  What would I do if I could start all over again?

Yesterday was one of those days.  A day where I let my mind wander off to think about what I could or couldn't do with my life.  Not that I am looking for a change, but daydreaming can be fun.

I could be a dental assistant or hygienist as I am obsessed with good teeth.  More than obsessed... I have only dated one guy with bad teeth and I have NEVER EVER lived that down.  Ask my sister, I am weird. This line of work wouldn't work for me as I would have to go to school (bleh) and I wouldn't make a lot of money starting off, then there would be the ugly teeth, cavities and all that gross shiz, so I have changed my mind there.  Props to all of you who do it daily!

I often want to pack up and head out on a life time adventure.  Discovering new places and getting paid to basically be awesome.  How do I sign up for that gig?  How do I become Samantha Brown from the Travel Channel or one of those awesome bloggers who gets to travel for a job?  I am highly qualified- I like to travel, love living in hotel rooms, can be budget friendly, have a sunny and bubbly disposition and I can be hilarious... Perfect host for a tv show.

Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory or Travis Pastrana' s Nitro Circus... Enough said!

Basically I just a job where I an get paid to dick around and have tons of fun!  Is that too much to ask for?

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