Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Beauty Swap # 3 with Laynah of Rose Gold and Ringlets

It is time for my beauty swap reveal.  This go around I was paired with the fantastic Laynah over at Rose Gold & Ringlets.  I loved getting to know her and sharing beauty secrets and favorite brands/products, etc.  This was definitely one fun swap.  It even made it all the more better as we were both behind, oops!

I received my package and was so excited  that I couldn't contain myself from ripping it all open!
 The goodies inside made my heart smile!
 I cannot wait to try this bronze eyeshadow/primer out!
 The smell of this soap is down right amazing!
 The perfect sparkly apricot shade for a tan and some sandals!
 I have never ever seen this product, but I cannot wait to try it out.

I am a huge fan of primers and I love that Laynah really picked up on that with supplying me both an eye and face primer.  Primers are essential to my every day life as I can put it on and run out the door in place of foundation and in some case in place of foundation and moisturizer. As you can tell my beauty routine is quite simple and fast.  I don't want to spend 45 minutes on make up that isn't going to last ALL day long.  

Please be sure to stop by Laynah's blog, she is awesome! 

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