Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hey, Pumpkin Spice cool it!

Here it is- I like, no I love pumpkin flavored nonsense.  Pie, frozen yogurt, ice cream... Pretty much anything that is dessert.  However, I immensely hate the "loved by all" Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.  Is it me, or does anyone else get the taste that too much cologne smells like?  Hey, PSL, Old Spice called, they want their fragrance-taste back!

 Not to mention that I hate cookie/pie smelling candles, because A) they make me believe there is something delicious to be found and guess what, there is only a freaking candle burning and B) please see A.

 My other beef is that while it is true the grocery store carries pumpkin pie filling are year long, a girl would have to beat down corporate doors of a Haagen Dazs to get some pumpkin flavored ice cream or yogurt any time of the year other than Autumn.  Please stock this ALL year long!

Oh and why, oh, why does McDonald's think they get to jump on this bandwagon?!?  You are fast food, not fast pie!  Jeesh.

I know there are people who absolutely love Pumpkin Spice, but seriously, STOCK UP so you can have it all year... I mean no one really cares that 'bucks has brought it back into stores.  I get it, you want the pumpkin patch with your boyfriend, bobbing for apples (if any one of you actually do this, please send me video, I am in need of a great laugh) and crisp fall days, but Pumpkin Spice does not bring this to you, the season does.

Until next time-