Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ten Things for a Thursday

I was reading through blogs I subscribe to via blogger and bloglovin' and once I read Alycia's over at The Crowley Party, I knew I wanted to participate in "TEN THINGS" about me that you don't know and most likely would have never guessed.

1.  I have a scar on the left side of my forehead, right at the hairline from stitched I received when I was about 2 years old.  I tripped on a saw cord and knocked a level over on my head.  OUCH!

2.  I am terrified of burning to death.  I don't know why I even know this or why I think about it, must be that I am extremely morbid.  At least I am aware of my mortality.

3.  My lifelong dream has always been to get married wearing cowboy boots and now that it's a trend I am wondering if maybe I am a bit of a fashionista.

4.  I used to love the ocean, now I am scared of being eaten by a shark... Thanks a lot SHARK WEEK!

5.  I take all of the pink post it stacks from the office supply closet and hoard them in my desk... What?  It's my favorite color.

6.  I love instagram, much more than facebook.  You can follow me @kristiebluejeans.

7.  I secretly hate attending weddings.  No it isn't because I am single, it is because people become so pretentious.

8.  Although my nose is pierced, I have no tattoos.

9.  I cannot drive a car with a clutch.  I must have missed that day of driver's education.

10.  Mustard goes with EVERYTHING, especially French fries and salads.

I am sure there are many other things you all would like to know, but a girl has to keep some of her secrets!  I hope you enjoyed.