Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Night and I Feel Alright

Hi Beauties,
  It's Saturday night and I have to say I haven't been doing much of anything, other than itemizing my closet for Poshmark!  Can I just say that I love my fellow "Poshers"?  Ok now that I have said that, I have to also say I just love my friends!  I started going through pictures on my laptop and I found some grade A gems to share with y'all!

 Candi-Cane and I love the river, love cowboy hats and love cheesy smiles!

 Ohhh... This picture is amazing on SO many levels.  These boys and I made some of the best memories ever!
Claribel and Amanda and Long Beach times!  So many great nights.

I think it's great to look back at photos and remember the fun times and laughs.  I just want to say that I am extremely grateful to have so many amazing friends in my life, so thanks y'all.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday night.

Love y'all!