Monday, July 8, 2013

It's Monday!

Yes it is fact Monday and man have I been lagging on the blog front.  I had all of these great ideas for posts and then I got the flu.  It's amazing how hard it can really hit a person.  It took me out for two and half days.  Thankfully I am myself today and got all pretty for work!
I have been meaning to do a post on my "Summer Swap" box set up by Meighan over at Heaven's to Meighan.  It was my first time doing a blog swap and let me just say, I loved every bit of it!  I got paired with Morgan at My Better Half and Me.  She is just the sweetest!  We did a little back and forth emailing before I set out on the task of putting her box together. 

I received my box a couple weeks ago and I was super surprised and happy and felt like it was my first gift of the "birthday month" I celebrate.  She sent me a blue, white and tealgreen striped beach towel, gummi bears (my favorite!) colored hair ties and bobby pins, a cute beach bag, a water bottle (which probably won't be containing actual water), a coral nail polish (that I can't wait to put on my toes!) and the best smelling jasmine- cucumber hemp lotion!  I am in love with the lotion and it works wonders on sun parched skin!

I am so happy I did this swap.  Not only did I get the opportunity to check a different blog, but I like to think I made a blogger friend!  Thank you Morgan for my fabulous box and thank you Meighan for hosting the "Summer Swap"!