Thursday, June 27, 2013

Friday's Favorites!

Hey Y'all,

  Sorry I have been MIS this week, but work is a little hectic and I am trying to get my new schedule of Zumba class, yoga, bowling and beauty routines along with a better sleep schedule down and it is killing me.  I feel like getting more organized is making my life harder, rather than easier! 

  Anywho, I am linking up as always with Lindsay from Follow the Ruels for Friday's Favorites and Ashley at Dancing with Ashley.  Don't forget I am doing this new thing where I also link my post to my Friday's Favorites Pinterest board.  Click here to go take a gander at it, leave feedback, follow or re-pin items you also love!

For awhile now I have been searching for leopard print wedges and I just wasn't finding ones that I thoroughly loved and to me that was EXTREMELY disheartening.  On Monday, I decided to do a random search on and found these beauties.  I haven't ordered yet, but they are a complete steal at $29.50 and would go great with career attire or casual wear.  I actually cannot wait for pay day to purchase these beauties!

I have completely fallen in love with BrinaBox!  Last week, they had an excellent sale and I purchase 2 J. Crew inspired necklaces for $30!  I kept browsing the website and each new item I found the more I fell in love!  This bracelet  grab bag box made me drool.  I love each one and at $54.00 for four, that is a great deal!!!



  A couple months back I purchased CoverGirl's LipPerfection pencil in Ballet Twist.  Ballet Twist is the perfect nude color for my skin tone.  I love this product!  It goes on smooth and lasts quite awhile.  I prefer applying a coat of gloss over the top as I am a gloss girl.  It's lighter than lipstick (which I do NOT do!) and feels amazing.  You can get it here for $6.89 in a multitude of shades.


My favorite blog post of the week comes from Erin over at The Party Girl's Guide about Shit she just doesn't understand.  I have to say I pretty much agreed with each item, most especially the cheese and being drunk items.  How can people not love cheese and who doesn't like a good buzz from time to time (unless you're me and you feel the need to have a buzz to get through the day.  I don't have a buzz, but just feel the need for one).  Hey thanks Erin for letting me share in your hilarity.  I think I need to do a post about shit I don't get either!



Here is my favorite "selfie" of the week.  And yes that is a BrinaBox necklace inspired by J. Crew. 




That's all I've got for you today. Hope everyone had a fantastic week and June. Into July we head, my favorite month!