Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I'm doing Wednesdays

Happy Wednesday (finally)! Wednesdays are great because it means two days left to get through before the weekend is here again. This weeks been hectic yet calm and I've started my jump start this week to fitness to fit into that cute dress on June 1st. For starters, I've been religiously logging my food diary on (I'm kristaketter if you'd like to link up) and going strong. Tomorrow will hit day 40 of consecutive log ins (whoop whoop)!
Here's a peek at today's cardio and snacks with part of dinner.

I have also signed up to do the squat challenge with some friends via FaceBook. It's a great thing and I've decided to take on push ups and sit ups along side of the squat challenge and my (hopeful quest of) daily cardio. I will say I have started with 20 push ups and plan to increase from there.

So far it's been working out great and I'm feeling pumped. It's really been helpful to have so many great supporters behind me in this goal of weight loss. I can't wait to see the actual progress.

Hope y'all had a happy hump day!