Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A little luck of the Irish!

I just want to say I LOVE the color green.  No, I won't say it's my favorite color, but I will say it's one of my favorites and not to be conceited, it looks good on me.  Saturday I took a trip to Target (love love that store) and found the most amazing hi-low cut kelly green tank with black 4-leak clovers all over.  I wore it to girl's night and I confess I will be wearing it to my nephew and niece's joint birthday party this Saturday!

And my gorgeous "vegan" leather purse with gold accents. Love this bag. It holds enough that I was able to use it as my only carry on for my Nashville trip last fall!

Last but not least, my latest green jewelry from Cookie Lee! I love this set. It's a little funky, but chic. I get SO many compliments on it. (If you're looking for it, let me know! I'm a consultant after all ;)!).