Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Currently, January

Here with Anne and Jessica for what is currently going on.

Gathering- I am constantly on the lookout for blog inspiration to keep people coming back to read and hopefully share my posts, or maybe even pin them.  I like scouring the internet and grabbing as much inspiration as I can.

Making- This month is a Whole30 month which means lots and lots of food preparation and new meal ideas.  Don't worry, I plan on sharing a few recipes here.

Sipping- Peppermint tea has always been a love of mine and already I have consumed a few gallons of it.  It is refreshing, calming, and can help with tummy aches and hangovers.

Following- With the Presidential inauguration a few weeks away, I have been following the news.  This is a rarity for me.  I am not a news person.  

Resolving-  I resolve to be all around best version of myself.  This might be the hardest resolution one has, but it will be a true project in growth and loving oneself, even the not so nice parts.

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