Friday, November 14, 2014

Put A Pep in Your Step!

Today I have Nancy from Neatly Packaged to talk about getting a pep into your step on those down and out days.  Before we jump in with Nancy, let me first give you the Movember dude of the week-
Harvey Morenstein.  He is Canadian and famous for loving bacon so much he has a youtube show about it.  I don't watch his show, but his beard is pretty sweet.

He went from this:

To this:
He can marry me if he keeps the beard!

Without further ado- Miss Nancy:

Lately I feel like I have been in a funk. I have so much going on yet I feel lazy. It doesn’t make much sense; does it?! I don't get it either, but this does happen to me once in a blue moon; my head feels like scrambled eggs and I do just enough to get me by. When I get into those moods I try desperately to cheer myself up :) And how do I do that? I use these 5 steps to put pep in my step! Thanks Canva for the great graphic ;)
5 WAYS I PUT Pep in my step

1. Cleaning my space

Secretly, you are convinced that this is how they clean the house. | 23 Signs You're The Tidy One
It is no secret that I LOVE to clean. There is just something so relaxing about everything being in it's proper space and clutter free ♥ I always use the up-down method. I will clean off counters, do the dishes, make the bed, fluff the couch, etc. then move to sweeping and vacuuming. Then all the dirt from the counter tops and such gets swept up or vacuumed. Spray some Febreze and voila!

2. Playing upbeat music

22 Signs You’re An Old Person Trapped In A Young Person’s Body
Hahahaha!! This GIF is so me! Of course it depends on what music makes you want to get up and move. I am a huge techno fan!! And if that just isn't doing it, I revert to the salsa music I grew up on ;)

3. Taking a shower

What It's Like To Be Single As Told By Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, And Rebel Wilson---hilarious!!! Totally a pick me up.
This seems like a no brainer. Get your lazy a%$ up and take a shower!! Who doesn't just feel a 1000 times better after a great shower? At this point your space is clean and smelling good, so you should too!

4. Getting dolled up

Haha love. Usually how I feel on Fridays or when I'm having a particularly fabulous weekday lol
House is clean- check! Fresh out of the shower- check! I have only one thing left to do, get dolled up :) Depending on what's going on that day (no one wants to waste a good outfit), I will usually put on my favorite pair of jeans or a favorite top. It's all about mind over matter. If you feel good, it shows. When I really need that pick me up I wear my Life Is Good t-tshirt :)
Women's Tea Short Sleeve Crusher Tee | Tea Tee Shirts | Life is good

5. Looking at my calendar

'Devil Wears Prada' GIFs: The Best Lessons We Learned From Miranda Priestly
Another not so secret thing about me is that I am very busy. If I make a commitment to someone or to something, I will be there. I can honestly say that looking at my calendar and seeing what upcoming events/meetings puts a smile on my face :) I like being busy! I have some pretty spectacular things coming up. What with the wedding, my bachelorette party, my dress fittings, etc. Who better to be the perfect example of being scheduled to the max than Miranda!
I am so happy to get back to blogging :) How did I let so much time pass? I have some great things coming up here!

You can just feel his excitement and enthusiasm. | Community Post: 20 Reasons "Modern Family's" Cameron Tucker Is A Total Gem

+ I am hosting a blogging challenge with my friend Jen @ Wayward & Wild. We are going to post everyday of October. Talk about pep in your step! Sometimes the hardest part is deciding what to blog about. Well the topics are given to you and you just go on from there :) If you join in, please let me know! I would love to see what you write.

+ More book reviews! These authors are ON point lately!

+ Wedding updates!

So what do you think? Love the ways I put pep in my step? Love the gifs?! Do you use these same ways or do you have a different approach? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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