Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Crafty Time with Yvonne

Happy Veteran's Day to y'all.  May we remember all lives sacrificed in the name of our liberty and freedom and to all wounded and healthy.  Without you, the United States wouldn't be where we are today.

Today I have Yvonne from The Dahlia Scene.  She is awesome!  Please enjoy.

I noticed lately that there has been a trend of making your own jewelery holders, and I couldn't pass up this trend. It's an opportunity to get organized in my own way. It's a way to brighten up my space as well as having a place to hang the necklaces I own that are currently sitting on top of my dresser all bundled together. I was just in luck last weekend too that we had a piece of wood laying around in the garage that would not make 1 but 3.
Love carefully measured the board into the dimensions I wanted, which made each plank 3.5in. I was excited about this, because I could have 1 for myself, and I could share one with a couple of friends. What girl doesn't need one of these?
I let Love do the sawing too. I'm not scared of power tools by any means, but I tend to leave the saw in the hands of someone who has a little bit more sturdy hand. My fibromyalgia gives my hands a fit sometimes, and I wanted a straight line. I noted earlier that he measured it out too and that's purely for the fact I couldn't draw a straight line with a ruler! Seriously guys, I hope I'm not the only one.
After we got the first one cut out, I went to planning exactly what I wanted them to look like. We had 5 knobs, and I thought that was a pretty good number for this sized plank of wood. You can get the knobs at hobby stores, thrift stores, or in our case the local Home Depot. I had Love again measure the proper distance between the holes so that I could use the power drill to get holes perfect. I used a 5/32 bit. Once the holes were drilled we sanded everything down to a smooth surface before I painted.
I selected 3 colors of paint for this project, but you'll only see 2 here. I would have only shared one, but I got a little crazy with the clear polyacrylic on the red piece and it wasn't dry in time for photos. Oops! Learn from me and just put a light coat of the poly on your surface.
I suggest starting far away from the piece you want to paint with the can of spray paint. This will help it be more even with less paint lines. I then moved closer to finalize the coat. You'll want to put the first coat on and check it before putting a second coat on 2-3 minutes later. You can do this for several coats. It will need to dry for 1 hour before you apply the poly coat. The poly coat will need to dry for 1 hour before you are able to touch and thus install the knobs.
To install the knobs, you simply figure out which screw will best work out of the knob pack. We used the smaller screw in this case and were able to fit the knobs snugly. We used our drill in order to tighten everything up so that the knobs would be sturdy and flush.

As you can see here the finished project is aqua/teal in color. I think it turned out pretty well and cannot wait to use it myself. Also, I like to note that the knobs are easily changed out later if you find a set of knobs you like better than the ones you originally used. I know how all of us crafty people think.Where does your jewelery currently hang out?

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