Saturday, April 12, 2014

But You Could Be Wrong....

Good Morning Cupcakes!

While I am off hiking through the jungles of Belize, here is some food for thought:

Have you ever wondered where your life would have led had you gone to a different college, chosen a different major, married the first love or waited for a different love?

I think anyone who claims they have never had one of these thoughts is lying about not having these weirdly bizarre human notions.

The same can be said about choosing friends and a significant others.  Where would this life had led if I had remained friends with the 3 girls of my self called "mean girl" days?  Would I have a child if I remained close to the clique who couldn't wait to procreate?

I recently ran into someone I have known since the very start of my socialization, better known as pre-school, and after a few moments of catching up and chatting I began to wonder what would have happened if I had told him in middle school I had a crush on him?  What would have happened in high school?  After school?  Or right here in this moment?

I never said anything... Other than this post, I most likely never will.  There isn't a real point other than the fact that as a pre-teen I thought he was the bee's knees and everyone changes.  Some for the better, some for the worst.  Yet either way there is no sense in making a platonic relationship weird by feelings felt prior to being a teenager.

Then of course there will always be those friends that make you second guess whatever you are thinking about said person.  In your head you could be saying, "It was so good to see them, they were always such a cool person."  Meanwhile your friend isn't being helpful filling your head with thoughts of "oh ya there was chemistry" "he was all about, you were all about so when are you going out?"  How do you ever begin to deal with this insane process of reverting back to prom your senior year?

It isn't a feeling as big as regret, but simply put, it is the immeasurably curiosity that will eventually kill the cat as the saying goes.  Whatever it is, I know he is a great person and I am lucky to consider him a friend.
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