Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Thoughts

Currently doing...  Trying to rack my brain for blog ideas for the upcoming week.
Currently loathing... The bloat and possible weight gain from my weekend.
Currently reading... All The Shah's Men.
Currently listening.... To the sound of keystrokes.
Currently craving... Corral Americana boots- They are totally gorge and to die for!
Currently loving... George Strait's newest single, "Give It All We Got."

So that sums up my Sunday night.  My weekend wasn't exciting at all.  Friday night nails and dinner with my mama and sisters.  Saturday was Matthew's very first tee ball game and those little ones were too darn cute for words.  The rest of Saturday was spent with family and Michelob Ultra and pizza.  Sunday was NO fun day.  Laundry and cleaning tasks were mostly completed with the dread of starting work tomorrow in hopes of another weekend.  I hate to say it, but we have become an uptight nation that is so busy working we sometimes forget about the relationships we need to maintain.  It's a mixed up world, but it's our own and we do what we do.