Thursday, August 13, 2020

Write It Out

At times I find myself at a loss for words.
I think and think and think and I have the hardest time putting those thoughts into formatted sentences for other people to read.  
I will come up with the most genius idea or thought and some how someway the meaning is lost in translation.
That is what happened to me and my love of blogging.  I had great ideas, but when I sat down to put the figurative 'pen to paper' I found myself at a loss.
I don't want to be at a loss anymore. 
I want to bring myself back here, bring myself back to the me that loved sharing my life with whoever reads this little space of mine.

Monday, May 11, 2020

I miss this...

I miss this space. 

The space that is all my own. 

The space where I can come and say whatever is on my heart.

The space where if someone doesn't like what I have to say, they are free to move on.

Somehow, blogging seems to have disappeared and vlogging and tik toks are now a thing.  As much as I love tik tok watching, I love writing from my heart even more.

I don't know if people even come down this path to read my heart anymore, but what I do know is this- I will try not to neglect my heart like I have neglected it for the past ten months.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Did Blogging Die?

Goodness, goodness- it has been more than a hot minute since I have been here.  I could say I am busy, which is slightly true, but truthfully I have hit an uninspired ditch.  It is just easier to let my 8-5 job and social obligations take over than it is to come around these parts.

Not that I don't love these parts, because I do!  Oh so much.

But as all things in life change, my attitude changed and blogging was thrown out of the window.  It isn't just me either, I am starting to see a trend of bloggers doing stories on their Instgrams instead of blogging which made me ask "Did blogging die overnight?"

I certainly hope it didn't.  I promise to be back here and not just back, but more present in a community of online strangers who opened their arms and welcomed me more than 6 years ago.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Falling Off The Keto Wagon

In March I fell off the Keto wagon hardcore, BUT I haven't gained anything back that I have lost.  That is a HUGE win in my opinion.  As much as I love Keto, it has been hell trying to get back to it, but alas I will be back to it.

I just have to remember simplicity is key as is following inspiring accounts on Twitter and Instagram.  Facebook offers a wide variety of "support" ( I use that term very lightly) groups.  Just be aware that some people aren't as nice in the delivery of their advice, while some people are so off base they may as well be living on Mars.

If you are thinking of Keto, please watch "The Magic Pill" on Netflix first.  Talk with your doctors and keep track of everything you are eating.  For me, the benefits were immense and the only side affect was the Keto flu for about 12 hours which was cured with bone broth, It Works Keto energy powder, and a nap.

Are you Keto or thinking of going Keto?

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Festival Season

It is here... Music festival season is HERE!

I am no stranger to festivals where the temps can be around 100+ degrees just as I am no stranger to events where the temperatures can plummet faster than the rise and fall of Britney's 55 hour marriage.

The key to any successful festival is preparation and education.  I know, I know, it sounds like I am about to give you the lecture a dad would give, but truthfully good prep and smarts makes things a whole lot easier when it comes time for the event.

Know your event- Get a map, screenshot it, know your exits, know your taxi lines/ parking lots, medical tents, water stations and of course, the bars!

Weather- Weather moves in and out fast.  It is important to check your weather the day you are heading out to the festival.  You could have sunny and hot conditions all day, but the night may expect rain.  Dress appropriately, including a baseball hat/ cowboy hat, a flannel, and layers.

Water- Ok, ok, ok... I know, we all like to go and have a good time getting a little tipsy here and there, BUT one lesson I have learned the hard way is that dehydration is no joke.  Bathroom lines are annoying and porta potties are gross, but nothing is worse than being dehydrated.  Most festivals allow you to being in an empty resuable water bottle and water stations for free.  Use these!  Or break down and purchase the $5 Dasanis they sell.

Battery Back Up-  Between snapping pictures, streaming videos, updating your status and texting everyone and their mother, your phone is going to die.  Some venues offer up charging port areas but that tie you to that location for a bit of time.  This portable charger has changed my life and everyone needs.  You can charge your phone several times and it will still have more life left to charge.  Besides you may have to get that cute boys number or there could be an emergency.

Money- Obviously the times of "trade" over so money is a no brainer, BUT keep in mind some booths won't accept cash while others won't accept cards.  Personally I always bring $100 cash and a card that way I am covered... Speaking of covered- don't forget your ID at home!!!!

Random shit I typically bring in a backpack- baby wipes (porta potties run out of TP regularly), sunscreen, baseball hat, lip balm with sunscreen, spray bottle fan, bandanna (here is looking at you Coachella and Stagecoach), hair ties, deodorant, and small snacks.

FUN- Whatever you do or don't bring, be sure to have fun! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Letting the Negative Go

Do you feel that? 

It is you breathing for the first time in a long time.  Or it could be you if you let go of the negativity that is hanging around your neck like an albatross.

I didn't realize how much energy negativity and negative people can suck out of a person until a negative person left my life.  A weight was instantaneously lifted from my shoulders and I could take deep breaths and not feel stress bunching up the muscles in my back.  Suddenly I felt carefree and free again.

We can't all be filled with sunshine all the time, but we can choose to be positive; we can choose to laugh; to be grateful; to be fulfilled by everyday occurrences and when you choose not to see the joy and only the misery, well you are just being a turd to yourself and everyone around you.

Don't be a turd, be happy and grateful and try to be a ray of sunshine.  I promise the life around around you is warm and inviting when you become warm and inviting.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Women Celebrating Women

In case the world of social media has not let you know, I will, today is International Women's Day.  A day where the world celebrates the strengths, sacrifices, loves, educations, passions, successes and opportunities of women across the planet.  It is a day where we join together and push other women to be great.  Even though most women push others to succeed every day, it is nice to have an entire day of inspiration.

I have been blessed in my life with amazing women.  From a strong, intelligent mother to two stubborn and willful sisters, a boss and an aunt breaking through and making it in a man's world to an amazing tribe of supporting women; I am beyond blessed.  These women have shown me, anything is possible, we just have to believe in ourselves the way those we love believe in us.

We may not all become Rachel Hollis or Oprah (gosh, do I love Oprah), but we can push and cheer our girls on each step of the way just as we can call each other out for not being our best selves.  I know every person has a shining light they dim down for fear of outshining, outdoing, or putting themselves on display, BUT if we were more ourselves and less of what society expects, we will do amazing things.